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PART makes the difference


Peace of mind

Improved Performance

Guiding children through the production process​

Requesting the use of PART Accredited Chaperone and Tutors for your child when working in the entertainment industry has support, well-being and performance benefits.


As a parent or guardian of a child looking to work in or already engaged with the entertainment industry, it is only natural to have questions and concerns about how they will be looked after and how their individual needs, be it physical, spiritually,  educational or emotional are taken into account and accommodated whilst working in  a production.


The PART City & Guilds Accredited Programme support production so together we are able to supply the gold standard in how children are cared for and accommodated whilst working within the industry.


When your child is under the supervision and support of a PART Accredited professional you can feel confident that stringent processes along with years of experience, expertise, knowledge are focussed on your child's individual care and needs resulting in a happy, relaxed, rewarding experience and  a great performance

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