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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Announcing that our courses are now available here on line for the autumn for your City & Guilds Accreditation. Working with children in entertainment. CB2W - Everything from casting brief to wrap


Children's working hours, breaks and DfE compliance

Child licensing

Forms to create an audit trail for council spot checks

Aggregating tutor hours to fit into your schedules and budgeting

Types of licences

Safeguarding and PENS

Working with chaperones and tutors

Facilities check lists for your production

Also available on the BECTU training page with discounts for members

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Bursaries available from April 17th. Under high end media for our City & Guilds accredited course available now live and online.

Happy New Year 🎉

Great start to the new year yesterday with our City & Guilds Practical Accredited (Children‘s) Regulations Training. Thank you to all our delegates. Great interactive session. 🙌 Glasgow next week.🎓


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