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Practical Accredited Regulations Training (PART) is the very first City & Guilds accredited programme specifically designed to set new standards, processes and practical guides in the areas of care, excellence and regulatory compliance for everyone working with children in the entertainment industry.

During the course, there are 2 assessment papers;

the first on the regulations and the second on a scenario/case study.

Your City & Guilds accredited certificate will last for 2 years and supports your CV for employers, company websites and child protection policy.

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City & Guilds accreditation is only awarded to the highest quality programs. It demonstrates a commitment to excellence and is an instantly recognisable mark of quality, consistency and credibility.
Our commitment to achieving this, demonstrates our dedication to our learners, enabling them to attain the very best benchmark working as a professional within the entertainment industry.


Enrol  to book a space on a course and pay online using our secure booking service
•  We will forward for your completion...

A) Course Registration Form and

B) Equality and Diversity Form
We will forward a zoom link in advance

On completion, you will receive...
o    Your personal PART C&G Certificate
o    Evaluation forms
o    Your City & Guilds Certification and details on how to access your CAT PAC 



Whether directly or indirectly working around children, having a clear understanding of the Child Performance Regulations 2014 and Local Authority requirements is essential, along with how to interpret those in practical terms when in auditions, rehearsals and working in production.


PART – is a practical collaboration of current Child Performance Regulations, the production process and a desire to support and encourage everyone working with children to gain a better understanding of their own child safeguarding responsibilities and ensuring everyone is supported with the correct tools, processes, support network and operational framework.


For production staff, teachers and mentors, adopting this best practice will also enable you to make discerning choices, when engaging chaperones and tutors to look after the children who you have invited to work on your productions or attend your theatre and dance schools.


This course will enable you to have a clear and concise understanding of your responsibilities when working with children and young artists. You will gain a sound understanding of both the Child Performance Regulations regulations, as well as the Local Authorities licensing processes.


Apart from highlighting legal responsibilities and associated risks, our group scenarios discussions enable learners to challenge situations and ask questions. You will also issue you with practical guides to keep on hand, helping give a clear audit trail of activities, issues and decisions made during production.

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