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PART makes the difference

Mitigate Risk

Confident Selections

Improved Trust & Care

Regulatory Compliance

City & Guilds standards

Chaperones are ambassadors representing their licensing authorities on the ground policing Child Performance Regulations are adhered to.


PART, City & Guilds Accredited Programme offers significant benefits to both ensuring all relevant procedures are in place and the directive of the child's license is upheld.


Whether directly or indirectly working around children, having a clear understanding of the Child Performance Regulations and Local Authority requirements is essential, along with how to interpret those in practical terms when in production.


PART – is a practical collaboration of Child Performance Regulations, the production process and a desire to support and encourage everyone working with children to gain a better understanding of their own child safeguarding responsibilities.


City & Guilds accreditation is only awarded to the highest quality programs, demonstrates a commitment to excellence and is an instantly recognisable mark of quality and credibility.

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